Our Promise to you

  1. We will always listen to your requirements

  2. It is your project, we are just enabling it to be carried out correctly

  3. We are a Registered building company 

  4. Carry insurances which you can request to see 

  5. You will have a Structural guarantee

  6. We will use our skills and experience to ease your build worries

  7. We will do our utmost to value engineer your design and suggest the most economic ways of building out the design

  8. We, along with our highly experienced trades respect and value your house.................. after all it is your home

Here's what we can help you with

We will always enter into a written contract as required by the Australian building act when a project exceeds $7500 

Building works over a contract value of $20,000 requires, housing indemnity insurance, this is only available via a registered building contractor.

By using a registered builder, your home and you have added protection